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World-traveler and entrepreneur Rebecca Worsley personifies today’s active woman who cares about her skin but doesn’t have much time to take care of it.

With a 75-year-old grandmother who takes 27-hour flights to Australia, and a mom who’s a lead nurse and a bodybuilder at the gym all while raising a family, Rebecca realized there weren’t any simple, natural, top-quality, skin care products for the truly active woman managing her career, frequent travel, workouts and/or being a mom.

A world traveler who's immersed herself in cultures and destinations ranging from New York and Florida to Australia, Thailand, Spain, the UK and Mexico, Rebecca knows what it's like to go 24/7 in every kind of climate imaginable—whether it's dry, moisture-robbing heat, humid, sauna-like conditions or cold, windy and icy ones. She found that keeping her skin looking young required too many products, had overly complicated application regimens, and took too much time, making it totally unsuited to her lifestyle. She remembered the time when had been in the Mexican jungle and purchased a hand-pressed jar of coconut oil from an indigenous villager, a woman who could neither speak nor hear. Perhaps, Rebecca thought, that made this woman see true beauty more clearly.

These very personal experiences—and her own very active life—led Rebecca to create La Vive Skin Care products. La Vive literally means “long life,” a name she chose to convey products that can make you look younger by making your skin look smoother and more perfect. La Vive also embodies Rebecca's commitment to simplicity--you can use the same La Vive product day and night, because for the active woman, one product truly is better than two.

With naturally sourced ingredients like jojoba oil, green tea, blue-green algae, Irish moss, shea butter, ocean mineral complex, aloe vera and more, La Vive’s formulas enable active women to give their skin the longest-lasting benefits in the shortest amount of time with the fewest number of products – no matter how often they travel, how many kids they have, how often they work out, or how many promotions in the executive suite they earn.

According to Rebecca, “the vibrancy, radiance and smoothness of your skin either reveals your age or conveys your youth.” People don’t really guess your age directly; instead, they look at your skin to decide how old you are.

No matter where you're going or how you get there, no matter how busy and stressful your life, if you are an active woman, Rebecca’s La Vive Skin Care Products will set your own personal Beauty in Motion.

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